Oil Pressure Switch for Ford MUSTANG 4.6L V8 2001 – 12/2002

Key Features:
  • Part Number: CPS109
  • OEM: 1F2018501

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Part NumberCPS109
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Content:  1 high-end oil pressure sensor/switch (part No: CPS109)

Direct replacement for OE Number: 1F2018501, OP6219,091769402006,1F0017640, 1F2018501A, 1S6759

Buy with confidence This high-Quality Oil Pressure Switch is designed specifically to deliver maximum reliability and peace of mind for years and is backed by 1 Year warranty.

The oil pressure switch is installed in the oil circuit of the engine. It monitors the oil pressure and turns off or on a warning light or controls an oil pressure indicator. The oil pressure switch is normally closed. When the ignition is switched on, the oil pressure warning light illuminates. Oil Pressure Switch works in modern engines by displaying a warning signal when the oil pressure drops outside a set range which is key for maintaining the safe operation of engine components.

Possible causes of failure

  • Clogged inlet bore
  • Contact failure on the connector
  • Internal short-circuits
  • Damaged measuring element
  • Loss of sealing

Effects of failure

  • The warning light is illuminated permanently or not at all
  • Oil pressure indicator not operational
  • Oil leaks


  • Check connectors and wiring for proper fit or damage.
  • Check housing for leaks.
  • Check engine connections and switch flange for contamination.


Compatible Vehicles:


  • FORD MUSTANG GEN4 4.6L 281 cu.in Modular DOHC-PB 32v MPFI V8 5sp Man 2dr Convertible RWD [01/01 – 12/02]
  • FORD MUSTANG GEN4 4.6L 281 cu.in Modular DOHC-PB 32v MPFI V8 5sp Man 2dr Coupe RWD [01/01 – 12/02]


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Dimensions23 × 16 × 3 cm
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Second Part Number

SW9003, OP6219, 091769402006, 1F0017640, 1F2018501, 1F2018501A



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