OEM QUALITY Map Sensor for Falcon BA BF 4.0L Barra182 190 E-Gas inc Ford XR6 2002-11

Key Features:
  • OEM: 0281002514, AS496, XS6F-9F479-AB, XS6F9F479AB
  • Part Number: 0281002514 CMS216 MAP-012 MP155 TMP008

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SKU CMS216-2
Part Number0281002514 CMS216 MAP-012 MP155 TMP008
OEM0281002514, AS496, XS6F-9F479-AB, XS6F9F479AB
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This listing is for Brand New *OEM QUALITY* Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor for FORD FALCON BA BF TERRITORY SY 6CYL TURBO XR6-T F6X



[1998 – 2003] FALCON AU 4.0L Intech Engines inc XR6 / FAIRLANE / FAIRMONT / LTD
[2004 – 2011] FORD TERRITORY SX SY 4.0L BARRA 182, 190 Engines

[1998 – 2007] FAIRLANE AU BA BF 4.0L 5.4L INTECH VVT / BARRA 182, 190, 220 Engines
[1998 – 2008] FAIRMONT AU BA BF 4.0L 5.4L INTECH VVT / BARRA 182, 190, 220, 230, E-Gas Engines

[2002 – 2011] FALCON BA BF 4.0L BARRA 182, 190, E-Gas Engines inc XR6 / FAIRLANE / FAIRMONT
[2008 – 2016] FALCON FG / FGX 4.0L BARRA 195, , ecoLPi Engines inc XR6

[1999 – 2002] FALCON AU 5.0L V8 302 cu.in Windsor Engines inc XR8

[2002 – 2011] FALCON BA BF FG 5.4L V8 BOSS 260, 290, 315 Engines inc GT & Pursuit
[2002 – 2008] FALCON BA BF 5.4L V8 BARRA 220, 230 Engines inc FAIRLANE / FAIRMONT
[2003 – 2011] FPV GT, PURSUIT, SUPER PURSUIT 5.4L V8 BOSS 290, 315 Engines



XS6F9F479AB, XS6F-9F479-AB, AS496, 0281002514



0281002514 , CMS216, MAP-012, AS496, MP155, 0261230098, TMP008


Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor or MAP sensors provides instantaneous manifold pressure information to the engine’s electronic control module (ECM).

This data is used to calculate air density and determine the engine’s air mass flow rate, which in turn determines the required fuel metering for optimum combustion.

Designed to OE fit, form, and function
Ease of installation due to OE style connector
Extensive quality control at all levels of production



What does a MAP Sensor do?
The MAP sensor converts engine vacuum/manifold pressure to an electrical signal so the computer knows how much load the engine is under. This data is the basis for fuel delivery and timing control.

Where is the MAP sensor located?
The MAP sensor is typically located in the air cleaner, fender wall, firewall, intake manifold, or under the dash.

Will a malfunctioning MAP Sensor illuminate the check engine light or affect vehicle operation?
Yes, a failing sensor can illuminate the MIL and may cause the engine to have a rich or lean fuel mixture condition.

What are the common causes of failure?
Typically these sensors fail due to the constant contact of the movable wiper arm over the sensor element and the exposure to the high underhood heat.

How to determine if the MAP Sensor is malfunctioning?
The Diagnostic Monitor tests for voltages outside of the normal range. The PCM also compares actual MAP output to calculated values to determine sensor performance deterioration. The calculated values are based on TP and various engine load factors.

What makes OUR MAP Sensors the best?
As basic manufacturers, We have complete control of the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product to ensure precise operation
Our manufacturing process includes extensive use of robotics for precision assembly
100% product in-line and end-of-line inspection from raw material to packaging of the finished product


Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions23 × 16 × 3 cm

Product Type
Sensor Type

Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor


0281002514, AS496, XS6F-9F479-AB, XS6F9F479AB

Second Part Number

0281002514 , CMS216, MAP-012, AS496, MP155, 0261230098, TMP008

Part Number

0281002514 CMS216 MAP-012 MP155 TMP008

Reference OE/OEM Number



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