New E46 E90 E39 E60 E38 X3 X5 X6 Z4 Coolant Temperature Sensor 13621433077

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  • Part Number: 13621433077 CCS56
  • OEM: 13621433077

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Part Number13621433077 CCS56
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13621433077, 13 62 1 433 077, 13 62 7 788 077, TX128


This part is a High-Quality aftermarket engine water temperature sensor (Supplies the Signal Back to ECU)



  • High Quality
  • OEM Fit and Design
  • Easy install
  • Simple operation
  • AU Seller-Fast and Free Shipping
The engine coolant temperature sensor (CTS) is used to measure the temperature of the engine coolant of an engine. The readings from this sensor are then fed back to the engine control unit (ECU), which uses this data to adjust the fuel injection and ignition timing.
Common signs of a bad or failing coolant temperature sensor include poor fuel economy, black smoke coming from the engine, engine overheating, and the Check Engine Light turning on.


BMW 116i E87N45 B16 A1.6L4cyl[01/05 – 12/08] 85kW
BMW 116i F20N13 B16 A1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/15]100kW
BMW 120i E87N46 B20 B2.0L4cyl[01/04 – 12/11]110kW
BMW 120i E87N46 B20 B2.0L4cyl[01/04 – 12/11]115kW
BMW 120i E88N46 B20 B2.0L4cyl[01/08 – 12/13]115kW
BMW 130i E87N52 B30 AF3.0L6cyl[01/05 – 12/09]195kW
BMW 316ti E46N42 B18 A1.8L4cyl[01/01 – 03/04] 85kW
BMW 318i E46M43 B19 TU1.9L4cyl[01/98 – 12/01] 87kW
BMW 318i E46N42 B20 A2.0L4cyl[01/01 – 03/04]105kW
BMW 318is E36M44 B191.9L4cyl[01/96 – 12/99]103kW
BMW 318ti E36M44 B191.9L4cyl[01/96 – 12/00]103kW
BMW 318ti E46N42 B20 A2.0L4cyl[01/01 – 12/05]105kW
BMW 320Ci E46M54 B222.2L6cyl[01/00 – 12/06]125kW
BMW 320i E46M54 B222.2L6cyl[01/00 – 03/05]125kW
BMW 320i E90N46 B20 B2.0L4cyl[01/05 – 12/11]110kW
BMW 320i E90N46 B20 B2.0L4cyl[01/05 – 12/11]115kW
BMW 320i E91N46 B20 B2.0L4cyl[01/07 – 12/12]115kW
BMW 323Ci E46M52 B252.5L6cyl[01/99 – 12/00]125kW
BMW 323i E46M52 B252.5L6cyl[01/98 – 12/00]125kW
BMW 323i E90N52 B25 A2.5L6cyl[01/06 – 12/11]140kW
BMW 323i E91N52 B25 A2.5L6cyl[01/06 – 12/12]140kW
BMW 325Ci E46M54 B252.5L6cyl[01/00 – 12/06]141kW
BMW 325i E46M54 B252.5L6cyl[01/00 – 03/05]141kW
BMW 325i E90N52 B25 AF2.5L6cyl[01/05 – 12/11]160kW
BMW 325ti E46M54 B252.5L6cyl[01/02 – 12/04 ]141kW
BMW 328Ci E46M52 B282.8L6cyl[01/99 – 12/00]142kW
BMW 328i E46M52 B282.8L6cyl[01/98 – 12/00]142kW
BMW 330Ci E46M54 B303.0L6cyl[01/00 – 12/06]170kW
BMW 330i E46M54 B303.0L6cyl[01/00 – 12/06]170kW
BMW 330i E90N52 B30 AF3.0L6cyl[01/05 – 12/06]190kW
BMW 523i E39M52 B252.5L6cyl[01/96 – 12/00]125kW
BMW 525i E39M54 B252.5L6cyl[01/00 – 12/03]141kW
BMW 525i E60M54 B25 N52 B25 AF2.5L6cyl[01/03 – 12/10]141kW
BMW 525i E60M54 B25 N52 B25 AF2.5L6cyl[01/05 – 12/10]160kW
BMW 528i E39M52 B282.8L6cyl[01/96 – 12/00]142kW
BMW 530i E39M54 B303.0L6cyl[01/00 – 12/03]170kW
BMW 530i E60M54 B303.0L6cyl[01/03 – 12/05]170kW
BMW 530i E60N52 B30 A3.0L6cyl[01/05 – 12/09]190kW
BMW 530i E60N52 B30 A3.0L6cyl[01/05 – 12/09]200kW
BMW 530i E61N52 B30 A3.0L6cyl[01/05 – 12/09]190kW
BMW 530i E61N52 B30 A3.0L6cyl[01/05 – 12/09]200kW
BMW 535i E39M62 B353.5LV8[09/98 – 12/00]173kW
BMW 535i E39M62TU B353.5LV8[09/98 – 12/03]180kW
BMW 540i E39M62 B44, M62TU B444.4LV8[09/98 – 12/03]210kW
BMW 545i E60N62 B44 A4.4LV8[01/03 – 12/05]245kW
BMW 645Ci E63N62 B44 A4.4LV8[01/04 – 12/05]245kW
BMW 650i E63N62 B48 B4.8LV8[01/05 – 12/10]270kW
BMW 650i E64N62 B48 B4.8LV8[01/05 – 12/10]270kW
BMW 740Li E66N62 B40 A4.0LV8[01/05 – 12/08]225kW
BMW 750Li E66N62 B48 B4.8LV8[01/05 – 12/08]270kW
BMW 750Li F02N63 B44 A4.4LV8[01/09 – 12/15]300kW
BMW 750Li F02N63 B44 B4.4LV8[01/09 – 12/15]330kW
BMW 750i F01N63 B44 A4.4LV8[01/09 – 12/15]300kW
BMW 750i F01N63 B44 B4.4LV8[01/09 – 12/15]330kW
BMW 760Li E66N73 B60 A6.0LV12[01/03 – 12/08]327kW
BMW 760Li F02N74 B60 A6.0LV12[01/09 – 12/15]400kW
BMW M M3 E46S54 B323.2L6cyl[01/01 – 12/06]252kW
BMW M M3 E46 CSLS54 B32 HP3.2L6cyl[01/03 – 12/04]265kW
BMW M M5 E39S62 B504.9LV8[01/99 – 12/03]294kW
BMW M M6 E63S85 B50 A5.0LV10[01/05 – 12/10]373kW
BMW M M6 E64S85 B50 A5.0LV10[01/06 – 12/10]373kW
BMW M X6 M F86S63 B44 B4.4LV8[01/15 – 12/19]423kW
BMW M Z4 M E85S54 B323.2L6cyl[01/06 – 08/08]252kW
BMW M Z4 M E86S54 B323.2L6cyl[01/06 – 08/08]252kW
BMW X1 E84 SDRIVE 18iN46 B20 B2.0L4cyl[01/10 – 12/12]110kW
BMW X3 E83 2.5iM54 B252.5L6cyl[01/04 – 12/06]141kW
BMW X3 E83 3.0iM54 B303.0L6cyl[01/04 – 12/06]170kW
BMW X5 E53 3.0iM54 B303.0L6cyl[01/01 – 12/06]170kW
BMW X5 E53 4.4iM62 B44, M62TU B444.4LV8[01/00 – 12/06]210kW
BMW X5 E53 4.4iM62 B44, M62TU B444.4LV8[01/00 – 12/06]235kW
BMW X5 E53 4.6iSM62 B464.6LV8[02/02 – 12/03]255kW
BMW X5 E53 4.8iSN62 B48 A4.8LV8[01/04 – 12/06]265kW
BMW X5 E70 XDRIVE 35iN55 B30 A3.0L6cyl[01/10 – 12/13]225kW
BMW X5 E70 XDRIVE 48i/4.8iN62 B48 B4.8LV8[01/07 – 12/10]261kW
BMW X5 E70 XDRIVE 50iN63 B44 A4.4LV8[01/10 – 12/13]300kW
BMW X5 F15 XDRIVE 50iN63 B44 B4.4LV8[01/13 – 12/18]330kW
BMW X6 E71 XDRIVE 50iN63 B44 A4.4LV8[01/08 – 12/14]300kW
BMW Z4 E89 SDRIVE 23iN52 B25 A, N52 B25 B2.5L6cyl[01/09 – 12/11]150kW



What does a Coolant Temperature Sensor do?
The Coolant Temperature sensor changes resistance with the temperature. The Coolant Temperature sensor is critical to many PCM functions such as fuel injection, ignition timing, variable valve timing, and transmission shifting.

Where are these sensors located?
The Coolant Temperature sensor is located in a coolant passage in the engine usually near the thermostat.

Will a malfunctioning Coolant Temp Sensor illuminate the check engine light or affect vehicle operation?
Yes, a failing sensor can illuminate the MIL, and cause the engine to run rich or lean. The transmission may shift incorrectly or not lock up the torque converter.

What are the common causes of failure?
Typically these sensors fail due to corrosion within the coolant system. They may also leak coolant through the wiring connector.

How to determine if these sensors are malfunctioning?
A DTC will be set if an abnormal reading occurs, P0116 for sensor performance, P0117 low input, or P0118 for high input. The coolant temperature sensor temperature reading should closely match the air charge/manifold temperature reading on a scan tool if the engine has not been run for over an hour. The sensor circuit can be checked for proper voltage using a voltmeter.

Why Buy from Us / What makes Our Coolant Temp Sensors the best?
• As an OEM manufacturer, Standard/ Our Supplier has complete control of the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product
• Temperature sensor design specifies tight tolerance thermistor response values to assure the accuracy of the temperature measurement and proper part operation
• All Coolant Temperature sensors are 100% factory tested to ensure trouble-free performance.


Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions23 × 16 × 3 cm

Part Number

13621433077 CCS56

Second Part Number

CCS56, CS881, TCS140, TS10485, TX128



Reference OE/OEM Number






Number of Sensors


Placement on Vehicle

Bottom Radiator Hose

Sensor Type


Other Part Number

1 433 077, NSC000100, V20-72-0441

Product Type

Located in Bottom Radiator Hose


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