Key Features:
  • Part Number: CCS121
  • OEM: 39220-25500, 39220-38020, 39220-38030, 39230-26700

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Part NumberCCS121
OEM39220-25500, 39220-38020, 39220-38030, 39230-26700
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HYUNDAI SANTA FE CM 2.2L D4EB SOHC 16v Turbo Diesel Inj. 4cyl 114kW 5sp Auto 4dr Wagon AWD [01/06 – 12/09]
HYUNDAI SANTA FE CM 2.2L D4EB SOHC 16v Turbo Diesel Inj. 4cyl 114kW 5sp Man 4dr Wagon AWD [01/06 – 12/09]

HYUNDAI SANTA FE CM 2.2L D4HB DOHC 16v Turbo Diesel Direct Inj. 4cyl 145kW 6sp Auto 4dr Wagon AWD [01/09 – 12/12]
HYUNDAI SANTA FE CM 2.2L D4HB DOHC 16v Turbo Diesel Direct Inj. 4cyl 145kW 6sp Man 4dr Wagon AWD [01/09 – 12/12]

HYUNDAI SANTA FE CM 2.7L G6EA DOHC-PB 24v MPFI V6 138kW 4sp Auto 4dr Wagon AWD [01/06 – 12/09]
HYUNDAI SANTA FE CM 2.7L G6EA DOHC-PB 24v MPFI V6 138kW 5sp Man 4dr Wagon AWD [01/06 – 12/09]

HYUNDAI SANTA FE CM 3.3L G6DB DOHC-PB 24v MPFI V6 180kW 5sp Auto 4dr Wagon FWD [01/07 – 12/08]

HYUNDAI SANTA FE DM 2.2L D4HB DOHC 16v Turbo Diesel Direct Inj. 4cyl 145kW 6sp Auto 4dr Wagon AWD [01/12 – 12/18]
HYUNDAI SANTA FE DM 2.2L D4HB DOHC 16v Turbo Diesel Direct Inj. 4cyl 145kW 6sp Man 4dr Wagon AWD [01/12 – 12/17]

HYUNDAI SANTA FE SM 2.4L G4JS DOHC 16v MPFI 4cyl 106kW 5sp Man 4dr Wagon AWD [01/01 – 12/03]
HYUNDAI SANTA FE SM 2.7L G6EA DOHC-PB 24v MPFI V6 132kW 4sp Auto 4dr Wagon AWD [01/00 – 12/06]



39220-25500, 39220-38020, 39220-38030, 39230-26700


Housing ColourBlackBlack/Green
Number of Poles3 -pin connector
Thread Size3/8×18 NPTF
Spanner size19


  • High Quality
  • OEM Fit and Design
  • Easy install
  • Simple operation
  • AU Seller-Fast and Free Shipping
Package Includes:
1* Temperature Sensor (3 PIN PLUG) – Suits Rectangle Plug – Confirm With Image/Sample, Suits Both Sensor & Gauge
The engine coolant temperature sensor (CTS) is used to measure the temperature of the engine coolant of an engine. The readings from this sensor are then fed back to the engine control unit (ECU), which uses this data to adjust the fuel injection and ignition timing.
Common signs of a bad or failing coolant temperature sensor include poor fuel economy, black smoke coming from the engine, engine overheating, and the Check Engine Light turning on.









HYUNDAI ACCENT MCG4ED1.6L4cyl[01/06 – 12/09] 82kW
HYUNDAI ACCENT RBG4LC1.4L4cyl[01/15 – 12/17] 74kW
HYUNDAI ACCENT RBD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/12] 94kW
HYUNDAI ACCENT RBG4FC1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/15] 91kW
HYUNDAI ACCENT RBG4FC1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/13] 91kW
HYUNDAI ACCENT RBG4FC1.6L4cyl[01/13 – 12/15] 91kW
HYUNDAI ACCENT RBG4FD1.6L4cyl[01/13 – 12/19]103kW
HYUNDAI ACCENT RBG4FD1.6L4cyl[01/17 – 12/19]103kW
HYUNDAI COUPE RDG4GF2.0L4cyl[01/96 – 12/02]102kW
HYUNDAI ELANTRA ADG4NA2.0L4cyl[01/15 – 12/20]112kW
HYUNDAI ELANTRA AD SPORT, SRG4FJ1.6L4cyl[01/16 – 12/20]150kW
HYUNDAI ELANTRA HDG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/06 – 12/11]105kW
HYUNDAI ELANTRA LAVITA FCG4GB1.8L4cyl[01/01 – 12/03] 90kW
HYUNDAI ELANTRA MDG4NB1.8L4cyl[01/11 – 12/15]110kW
HYUNDAI ELANTRA XDG4GB1.8L4cyl[01/00 – 12/03] 97kW
HYUNDAI ELANTRA XDG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/00 – 12/06]105kW
HYUNDAI GETZ TBG4EA1.3L4cyl[01/03 – 12/05] 60kW
HYUNDAI GRANDEUR TGD4EB2.2L4cyl[01/08 – 12/11]114kW
HYUNDAI GRANDEUR TGG6DA3.8LV6[01/05 – 12/11]194kW
HYUNDAI GRANDEUR XGG6CT3.0LV6[01/99 – 12/04]141kW
HYUNDAI I20 PBG4FA1.4L4cyl[01/10 – 12/15] 74kW
HYUNDAI I20 PBG4FA1.4L4cyl[01/10 – 12/12] 74kW
HYUNDAI I20 PBG4FA1.4L4cyl[01/12 – 12/15] 74kW
HYUNDAI I20 PBG4FC1.6L4cyl[01/10 – 12/11] 91kW
HYUNDAI I30 FDD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/09 – 12/12] 85kW
HYUNDAI I30 FDD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/08 – 12/12] 85kW
HYUNDAI I30 FDD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/09 – 12/11] 85kW
HYUNDAI I30 FDD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/07 – 12/11] 85kW
HYUNDAI I30 FDD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/12] 85kW
HYUNDAI I30 FDG4FC1.6L4cyl[01/10 – 12/12] 89kW
HYUNDAI I30 FDG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/09 – 12/12]105kW
HYUNDAI I30 FDG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/07 – 12/12]105kW
HYUNDAI I30 GDD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/12 – 12/15] 94kW
HYUNDAI I30 GDD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/12 – 12/14] 94kW
HYUNDAI I30 GDG4FD1.6L4cyl[01/13 – 12/13] 98kW
HYUNDAI I30 GDG4FD1.6L4cyl[01/12 – 12/15] 98kW
HYUNDAI I30 GDG4NB1.8L4cyl[01/12 – 12/14]107kW
HYUNDAI I30 GDG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/13 – 12/14]129kW
HYUNDAI I30 GD IID4FB1.6L4cyl[01/14 – 12/17]100kW
HYUNDAI I30 GD IID4FB1.6L4cyl[01/15 – 12/15]100kW
HYUNDAI I30 GD IIG4FD1.6L4cyl[01/15 – 12/16] 98kW
HYUNDAI I30 GD IIG4NB1.8L4cyl[01/14 – 12/17]107kW
HYUNDAI I30 PDD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/17 – 12/19]100kW
HYUNDAI I30 PDD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/17 – 12/20]100kW
HYUNDAI I30 PDG4FJ1.6L4cyl[01/17 ON]150kW
HYUNDAI I30 PDG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/17 ON]120kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFD4FD1.7L4cyl[01/12 – 12/15]100kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFD4FD1.7L4cyl[01/11 – 12/15]100kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFD4FD1.7L4cyl[01/12 – 12/13]100kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFD4FD1.7L4cyl[01/11 – 12/13]100kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFD4FD1.7L4cyl[01/15 – 12/18]104kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/15 – 12/18]121kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/12 – 12/15]130kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/11 – 12/15]130kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/12 – 12/13]130kW
HYUNDAI I40 VFG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/11 – 12/13]130kW
HYUNDAI I45 YFG4KD2.0L4cyl[01/11 – 12/12]121kW
HYUNDAI ILOAD TQ-VD4CB2.5L4cyl[01/12 – 12/21]100kW
HYUNDAI ILOAD TQ-VD4CB2.5L4cyl[01/08 – 12/21]125kW
HYUNDAI ILOAD TQ-VD4CB2.5L4cyl[01/08 – 12/11]125kW
HYUNDAI IMAX TQ-WD4CB2.5L4cyl[01/12 – 12/18]100kW
HYUNDAI IMAX TQ-WD4CB2.5L4cyl[01/08 – 12/21]125kW
HYUNDAI IMAX TQ-WD4CB2.5L4cyl[01/08 – 12/12]125kW
HYUNDAI IX35 LMD4HA2.0L4cyl[01/10 – 12/15]135kW
HYUNDAI IX35 LMG4KD2.0L4cyl[01/10 – 12/13]122kW
HYUNDAI IX35 LMG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/13 – 12/15]129kW
HYUNDAI IX35 LMG4KE2.4L4cyl[01/10 – 12/13]130kW
HYUNDAI KONA OSG4FJ1.6L4cyl[01/17 – 12/20]130kW
HYUNDAI KONA OSG4NH2.0L4cyl[01/17 – 12/20]110kW
HYUNDAI SANTA FE CMD4EB2.2L4cyl[01/06 – 12/09]114kW
HYUNDAI SANTA FE CMD4HB2.2L4cyl[01/09 – 12/12]145kW
HYUNDAI SANTA FE CMG6EA2.7LV6[01/06 – 12/09]138kW
HYUNDAI SANTA FE CMG6DB3.3LV6[01/07 – 12/08]180kW
HYUNDAI SANTA FE DMD4HB2.2L4cyl[01/12 – 12/18]145kW
HYUNDAI SANTA FE DMD4HB2.2L4cyl[01/12 – 12/17]145kW
HYUNDAI SANTA FE SMG4JS2.4L4cyl[01/01 – 12/03]106kW
HYUNDAI SANTA FE SMG6EA2.7LV6[01/00 – 12/06]132kW
HYUNDAI SONATA EFG4JP2.0L4cyl[01/98 – 12/00]103kW
HYUNDAI SONATA EFG4JS2.4L4cyl[01/01 – 12/05]104kW
HYUNDAI SONATA EFG6BA2.7LV6[01/01 – 12/05]132kW
HYUNDAI SONATA NFD4EA2.0L4cyl[01/08 – 12/10]110kW
HYUNDAI SONATA NFG4KC2.4L4cyl[01/05 – 12/08]118kW
HYUNDAI SONATA NFG4KE2.4L4cyl[01/08 – 12/10]127kW
HYUNDAI SONATA NFG6DB3.3LV6[01/05 – 12/08]173kW
HYUNDAI TERRACAN HPG6CU3.5LV6[01/01 – 12/08]145kW
HYUNDAI TIBURON GKG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/02 – 12/03]102kW
HYUNDAI TIBURON GKG6BA2.7LV6[01/02 – 12/10]127kW
HYUNDAI TRAJET FOG6BA2.7LV6[01/00 – 12/08]132kW
HYUNDAI TUCSON JNG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/05 – 12/10]104kW
HYUNDAI TUCSON JNG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/07 – 12/10]104kW
HYUNDAI TUCSON JNG6BA2.7LV6[01/04 – 12/10]129kW
HYUNDAI TUCSON TLG4FJ1.6L4cyl[01/15 – 12/20]130kW
HYUNDAI TUCSON TLD4HA2.0L4cyl[01/15 – 12/18]136kW
HYUNDAI TUCSON TLD4HA2.0L4cyl[01/18 – 12/20]136kW
HYUNDAI TUCSON TLG4NA2.0L4cyl[01/15 – 12/17]114kW
HYUNDAI TUCSON TLG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/15 – 12/20]121kW
HYUNDAI VELOSTER FSG4FD1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/17]103kW
HYUNDAI VELOSTER FSG4FJ1.6L4cyl[01/12 – 12/14]150kW
HYUNDAI VELOSTER FSG4FJ1.6L4cyl[01/12 – 12/17]150kW
HYUNDAI VELOSTER FSG4FJ1.6L4cyl[01/14 – 12/17]150kW
KIA CARNIVAL VQG6EA2.7LV6[01/06 – 12/11]138kW
KIA CARNIVAL VQG6EA2.7LV6[01/06 – 12/10]138kW
KIA CARNIVAL YPD4HB2.2L4cyl[01/14 – 12/18]147kW
KIA CARNIVAL YPD4HB2.2L4cyl[01/18 – 12/20]147kW
KIA CARNIVAL YPG6DH3.3LV6[01/14 – 12/18]206kW
KIA CARNIVAL YPG6DH3.3LV6[01/18 – 12/20]206kW
KIA CERATO BDG4NA2.0L4cyl[01/18 ON]112kW
KIA CERATO BDG4NA2.0L4cyl[01/18 – 12/21]112kW
KIA CERATO KOUP YDG4FJ1.6L4cyl[01/13 – 12/16]150kW
KIA CERATO KOUP YDG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/13 – 12/16]129kW
KIA CERATO LDG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/04 – 12/08]105kW
KIA CERATO LDG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/05 – 12/08]105kW
KIA CERATO YDG4NB1.8L4cyl[01/13 – 12/16]110kW
KIA CERATO YDG4NA2.0L4cyl[01/16 – 12/18]112kW
KIA CERATO YDG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/13 – 12/15]129kW
KIA CERATO YDG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/13 – 12/16]129kW
KIA CERATO YDG4NC2.0L4cyl[01/13 – 12/14]129kW
KIA GRAND CARNIVAL VQD4HB2.2L4cyl[01/11 – 12/14]145kW
KIA GRAND CARNIVAL VQG6DA3.8LV6[01/05 – 12/10]184kW
KIA MAGENTIS MGG4KC2.4L4cyl[01/06 – 12/09]118kW
KIA MAGENTIS MGG6EA2.7LV6[01/06 – 12/08]138kW
KIA OPTIMA GDG6BV2.5LV6[01/01 – 12/03]127kW
KIA OPTIMA GDG6BA2.7LV6[01/04 – 12/06]132kW
KIA PICANTO TAG4LA1.2L4cyl[01/16 – 12/17] 63kW
KIA RIO JBG4EE1.4L4cyl[01/07 – 12/11] 70kW
KIA RIO JBG4ED1.6L4cyl[01/05 – 12/11] 78kW
KIA RIO UBG4FA1.4L4cyl[01/11 – 12/16]
KIA RIO UBG4FDB1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/16]
KIA RIO UBG4FDB1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/13]
KIA RIO UBG4FDB1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/14]
KIA RIO UBG4FDB1.6L4cyl[01/12 ON]
KIA RIO YBG3LC1.0L3cyl[01/18 – 12/20] 88kW
KIA RONDO UNG4KA2.0L4cyl[01/08 – 12/13]
KIA SORENTO BLG6DB3.3LV6[01/07 – 12/09]173kW
KIA SORENTO BLG6CU3.5LV6[01/03 – 12/04]145kW
KIA SORENTO BLG6CU3.5LV6[01/04 – 12/07]145kW
KIA SORENTO BLG6CU3.5LV6[01/03 – 12/06]145kW
KIA SORENTO BLG6DA3.8LV6[01/06 – 12/07]196kW
KIA SORENTO UMD4HB2.2L4cyl[01/17 – 12/20]147kW
KIA SORENTO XMD4HB2.2L4cyl[01/09 – 12/14]145kW
KIA SOUL AMD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/09 – 12/11] 85kW
KIA SOUL AMD4FB1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/13] 85kW
KIA SOUL AMG4FC1.6L4cyl[01/09 – 12/11] 89kW
KIA SOUL AMG4FC1.6L4cyl[01/11 – 12/13] 89kW
KIA SOUL AMG4NA2.0L4cyl[01/11 – 12/13]114kW
KIA SPORTAGE KMD4EA2.0L4cyl[01/07 – 12/10]110kW
KIA SPORTAGE KMG4GC2.0L4cyl[01/07 – 12/10]105kW
KIA SPORTAGE KMG6BA2.7LV6[01/05 – 12/08]132kW
KIA SPORTAGE QLD4HA2.0L4cyl[01/15 – 12/18]136kW
KIA SPORTAGE QLD4HA2.0L4cyl[01/18 ON]136kW
KIA SPORTAGE QLG4NA2.0L4cyl[01/19 ON]114kW
KIA SPORTAGE SLD4HA2.0L4cyl[01/10 – 12/13]136kW
KIA SPORTAGE SL IID4HA2.0L4cyl[01/13 – 12/15]136kW
KIA STINGER CKG4KL2.0L4cyl[01/17 ON]182kW
KIA STINGER CKG6DP3.3LV6[01/17 – 12/20]272kW
TOYOTA CORONA ST1412S-C2.0L4cyl[04/83 – 04/87]


What does a Coolant Temperature Sensor do?
The Coolant Temperature sensor changes resistance with the temperature. The Coolant Temperature sensor is critical to many PCM functions such as fuel injection, ignition timing, variable valve timing, and transmission shifting.

Where are these sensors located?
The Coolant Temperature sensor is located in a coolant passage in the engine usually near the thermostat.

Will a malfunctioning Coolant Temp Sensor illuminate the check engine light or affect vehicle operation?
Yes, a failing sensor can illuminate the MIL, and cause the engine to run rich or lean. The transmission may shift incorrectly or not lock up the torque converter.

What are the common causes of failure?
Typically these sensors fail due to corrosion within the coolant system. They may also leak coolant through the wiring connector.

How to determine if these sensors are malfunctioning?
A DTC will be set if an abnormal reading occurs, P0116 for sensor performance, P0117 low input, or P0118 for high input. The coolant temperature sensor temperature reading should closely match the air charge/manifold temperature reading on a scan tool if the engine has not been run for over an hour. The sensor circuit can be checked for proper voltage using a voltmeter.

Why Buy from Us / What makes Our Coolant Temp Sensors the best?
• As an OEM manufacturer, Standard/ Our Supplier has complete control of the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product
• Temperature sensor design specifies tight tolerance thermistor response values to assure the accuracy of the temperature measurement and proper part operation
• All Coolant Temperature sensors are 100% factory tested to ensure trouble-free performance.


Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions23 × 16 × 3 cm

Part Number



39220-25500, 39220-38020, 39220-38030, 39230-26700

Reference OE/OEM Number


Second Part Number

CCS121, CS876, TCS169, TS10326, TX122

Other Part Number

WG1499664, 700085, 180005, 3256024, FTS3067, TSN22030, QF25A00032, 862643001, MCS9H00, QF00T01656, 0604051SX,700085,180005,3256024,FTS3067,TSN22030,QF25A00032,862643001,MCS9H00,QF00T01656,0604051SX

Product Type


Sensor Type



Hyundai, Kia


3 pin Rectangle Plug Suits Both Sensor & Gauge


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